Hellgate, Montana (Hellgate, Montana Book 1)


There are more than just demons and witches that haunt the daylight and the dark.

The Roman Catholic Church found men willing to take on the powers of darkness and called them The Retributors–men with a pure soul, no regrets, and no designs on a long life.

Retributor Jeremiah Brandt headed for the most supernaturally and unnaturally infected place on the frontier–the bright blue Montana Territory sky of the Hellgate Valley. The longer he stays the more he thinks of it more of than just a place to collect bounties–it’s home. He wasn’t looking to lose his heart or his life, he just wanted to do his job in relative peace.

Yeah, right.

You mess with Jeremiah Brandt you are asking for a whole heap of trouble, and if you are an unnatural messing with Jeremiah Brandt you’re aiming for more trouble than you can handle in your entire immortal life.