Established in 2004, Permuted Press has published hundreds of works as an industry-leading independent publisher of sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic and horror fiction, as well as pop-culture and historical non-fiction. Owned and operated by a team of dedicated publishers with over twenty years of experience as well as over 25 New York Times bestsellers both fiction and non-fiction, Permuted Press continues to enhance its reputation by publishing an even wider range of high-profile books via various partnerships with industry leading editors and content curators. Our entrepreneurial spirit makes Permuted Press a nimble publisher, willing and able to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.

We publish across all formats and platforms, including eBooks, audiobooks and print books, which are distributed by Simon and Schuster and available worldwide. We have ongoing “first look” relationships with television and film agents who evaluate many of our works for potential dramatic adaptation, and we have also aligned with a prominent industry-leading literary agency that represents our works to foreign publishers for licensing of translation rights.

In the ever changing literary world, particularly that of “genre fiction” where Permuted Press has found much of its early success, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of the business. We feel that our constant analysis of industry trends, and our ability to act quickly on the data we gather, has been – and remains – a key component to our company’s ongoing success.