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Named in honor of Henry Knox, a young Boston bookseller who became an artillery officer; one of General George Washington’s most trusted advisors, and President George Washington’s first Secretary of War.

The enlightenment ideals upon which the United States of America was formed came from philosophies dating back to antiquity. What has become known as the “American Experiment” – a constitutional republic whose principles are based on liberty and justice for all – has been tested since inception, both domestically and internationally, through protest, civil strife, and armed conflict. From the time this continent was called British America until now, our citizens have endured war over ninety percent of the time. Since 1776 only 21 years of our history are recorded as ‘peacetime’.

Throughout our history there have been stories, both harrowing and inspiring, about ordinary Americans who became heroes. Knox Press books are about our history’s heroes – men, women, and children. White, black, native, immigrant. Our books are about everything from commanders to privates, warriors to civilians – stories of who we are, striving for a more perfect union, fighting for our liberty, and for the liberty of humanity around the world.