From the Torment of Dreams


Lan Agstaff joined the army to escape from the memory of a failed love affair. But on the way to his first posting in Neotra the suspended animation chamber malfunctions–and instead of peaceful nothingness he dreams endlessly about his lost lover.

By the time Lan’s ship gets to Neotra tensions have reached breaking point. Neotra has declared independence from its Terran masters, making all-out war virtually inevitable.

When his troop transport is attacked Lan almost escapes–only to be rescued by his attackers. Captain Christoph Jackson takes Lan on board his ship to placate his conscience–Jackson finds the reality of his patriotism at odds with his morality.

Meanwhile Nasim, a young village shaman, returns home to find his family slaughtered by Terran super soldier Zinner. Using his mystic talents Nasim sets off in pursuit of his family’s killers.

Lan, Jackson and Nasim soon find themselves coerced by the Neotran military government to help bring justice to Zinner for his war crimes. As the battle for Neotra reaches its climax the three are thrown into bloody combat.

Can Nasim exact his revenge?

Will Jackson be able to retain his humanity?

Will Lan be consumed by the flashbacks of his ex-lover or can he recover from the torment of dreams?