Iain McKinnon

Iain McKinnon was born in Scotland in the early seventies and lived a happy well balanced childhood, with the exception of being forced to wear flares and the 1978 World Cup. Best known for his zombie novels Domain of the Dead, Remains of the Dead, and Demise of the Living with Permuted Press. Iain professes to be a Sci-Fi writer, albeit one with a very dark streak.

With a degree in Psychology, qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and profound dyslexia, Iain’s writing is approachable, fast paced and visceral.

He lives and writes from his home just outside Edinburgh.You can follow Iain on is web page www.iain-mckinnon.com or on Facebook www.facebook.com/iain.mckinnon where he’s more than happy for you to remind him he should be writing not surfing the web.


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