End Times Alaska Complete Omnibus: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Adventure


The complete four-book saga in one package—End Times Alaska
How do you survive when you’re not the fittest?

A tragic event causes the dominos to start falling, leaving Alaska isolated—cut off from the rest of the world. The vast majority leave, but some are left behind with nothing. No power. No food. No water. Nothing.

One family has no choice. They are on the wrong side of the dividing line, finding themselves on the inside looking out with no idea when help is coming.

It’s not enough to just exist. They seek to thrive, but that takes different skills. Will they learn them in time? What will put them over the edge? The brutal cold, wild animals, disease, or maybe strangers who see everyone as a threat…

Surviving means more than taking one more breath. It means being able to look yourself in the mirror after the worst is behind you.

Pick up this epic post-apocalyptic survival saga today.