This is the way the world ends: Again and again. Not by Zombie, but by Beasts of a New Mythology. Not by Rapture, but the Genocide of Desert Gods.

Bram Stoker Award-winning Author
Joe McKinney

Award-winning Authors
Michael Oliveri & J.F. Gonzalez

In these 14 shattering tales by some of the genre’s first and final scribes, the world doesn’t just end once. These are the horsemen, the trumpeting angels. Their words are the bowls of wrath, dumped again and again. This is the book that’s been centuries in the making. The Final Book. And the choir’s singing one last Psalm:
The End is the best part.


Joe McKinney – Tim Curran – J.F. Gonzalez – Michael Oliveri
David Conyers – Lee Moan – Rebecca Day – D.J. Goodman
Lyn C.A. Gardner – Ian Randal Strock – Michael Sellars – Dario Ciriello
Daniel R. Robichaud – Ian Rogers – Patrice Sarath