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Married… With Children vs the World: The Inside Story of the Shock-Com That Launched FOX and that Changed TV Comedy Forever

Publication Date: 04/23/2024

A rollicking account of the groundbreaking show from one of the show’s producers, featuring the voices of the stars, creators, and executives involved with bringing it to life. Married… With Children burst onto the airwaves with a full-frontal attack on the myth of domestic tranquility depicted in family comedies since…

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Japan’s Holocaust: History of Imperial Japan’s Mass Murder and Rape During World War II

Publication Date: 03/19/2024

Japan’s Holocaust is a comprehensive exploration of Japan’s mass murder and sexual crimes during the Pacific and Asian Wars from 1927 to 1945. Japan’s Holocaust combines research conducted in over eighteen research facilities in five nations to explore Imperial Japan’s atrocities from 1927 to 1945 during its military expansions and…

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The Deadly Path: How Operation Fast & Furious and Bad Lawyers Armed Mexican Cartels

Publication Date: 03/05/2024

Pete Forcelli did what members of the U.S. Congress encourage government employees to do: he spoke up when he saw misconduct within the federal government. But choosing to be a whistleblower almost cost Forcelli his job, his possessions, and his reputation as a law enforcement official. “In a raw and…

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Insurgent Hunter: Memoirs of a Navy SEAL Turned Counterinsurgent Agent in Iraq

Publication Date: 02/20/2024

When you hunt men, men will hunt you. In this epic thrill ride filled with triumph and tragedy, Jack Treadway takes readers deep into the shadows of covert warfare. As a new SEAL learning to hunt men, a clandestine mini wet submarine comes within inches of slicing and dicing him.…

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Guns, Girls, and Greed: I Was a Blackwater Mercenary in Iraq

Publication Date: 02/06/2024

Guns, Girls, and Greed is an unvarnished, behind-the-scenes, tell-all account of the scathing and dangerous life of mercenaries at war in Iraq. Experience the world of private contractors conducting high-threat missions for a nascent Iraqi government in the hopes of rebuilding after the fall of Saddam Hussein. With limited support,…

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Mudslingers: A True Story of Aerial Firefighting (An American Origins Story)

Publication Date: 12/12/2023

The unique history of aerial firefighting as seen through the eyes of a pilot, former Navy SEAL, and current owner of one of the most successful aerial firefighting companies in the world. Blending historical context and first-person narrative, Mudslingers tells the dramatic and colorful story of aerial firefighting in America,…

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Jimi and Me: The Experience of a Lifetime

Publication Date: 12/05/2023

A young screenwriter is invited to collaborate with Jimi Hendrix on a film, resulting in the wildest eighteen months of his life and coinciding with the tumultuous final months of Hendrix’s life. In 1969, a twenty-something screenwriter with one movie credit to his name is approached by Jimi’s management after…

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Messengers: The Guitars of James Hetfield

Publication Date: 11/21/2023

James Hetfield shares his personal collection of treasured guitars and reveals the story and significance of each within his life and career as the front man, guitarist, and songwriter for Metallica. “From penning influential albums Kill ’Em All and Ride the Lightning on his original white OGV to resolutely reflecting…

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M is for Music City: The ABCs of Nashville

Publication Date: 11/21/2023

Learn what there is to L-O-V-E about N-A-S-H-V-I-L-L-E! Whether they’ve lived here their entire life or have only visited the city for a weekend, many people hold Nashville as a special place in their hearts. But it’s more than just country music and bachelorette parties—and we’re here to prove it…

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River City One: A Novel

Publication Date: 11/07/2023

The hardest part of going to war is coming home to face yourself. The tale of a man and the memory that haunts him, River City One is the poetic and compassionate story of John Walker, a lawyer and ex-Marine adrift in a nameless city. Home from the war, he has become…

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