Underwater Museums: What Remains of WWII in the Pacific


Dive into the submerged history of the Pacific theater of WWII where ships, planes, submarines, and military surplus rest beneath the waves. Explore the underwater museums preserved in time through stunning photography from award-winning photographer, Brandi Mueller, and captivating firsthand stories of diving the wrecks and the history of how they came to rest at the bottom of the sea.

From airplanes lost in the depths of Guadalcanal and Sherman tanks swamped off the coast of a beach in Saipan to medicine bottles deep within a ship intended for American soldiers in Vanuatu, WWII left behind an abundance of relics underwater. Mangled metal associated with destruction and lost lives litter the seafloor of the Pacific theater. The wrecks have been transformed into prolific coral reefs teeming with fish and life.

Go on an adventure to the underwater museums of little-known Kwajalein Atoll; the world-famous wreck diving destination, Truk Lagoon; Guam, where two WWI and WWII ships touch; an anchorage in the Philippines where a fleet of Japanese ships that thought they were safe and out of range of US aircraft; and the WWII ships, submarines, and planes that rest at the bottom of Bikini Atoll after finishing out their service as targets for Operation Crossroads.

This journey into the past will immerse you in extraordinary locations and includes stunning images and captivating firsthand stories from visiting these captivating museums.