Alex Kazemi on the power of Magick

Alex, author of Pop Magick, explains that his book is not about traditional magic tricks, but about “shaping the world through the manifestation of your will.” Learn more about his life-changing book in his interview: And order a copy of Pop Magick here:

What prepper Deborah Moore keeps in her pantry

“Before you make another run to the grocery store, allow Deborah to share a few of her top tips for buying and storing foods for an ideal pantry, as well as ultimately cooking those foods for a family dinner.” Read the entire article here: Deborah’s cookbook, A Prepper’s Cookbook, is available now:

Brittani Louise Taylor announces new novel on her YouTube channel

Brittani, whose bestselling memoir was published by our sister press, Post Hill Press, is now venturing into fiction writing with her upcoming novel, Saintsville. Watch her announcement here: And preorder your copy of Saintsville now!

Neil Cohen interviewed at Horror Con

Neil was interviewed by News in Entertainment at the New Jersey Horror Con about his latest book, Business Is Dead, which highlights the unique entrepreneurial path taken by those who launch their first business, artistic, or charitable venture based upon their passion for pop-culture. Neil has been inspired particularly by his love for The Walking

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Alex Kazemi on Coast to Coast with George Noory

“George Noory and author Alex Kazemi explore his work using magic to create his dream life, and how magical thinking can create life changing experiences, but also pose threats if used for the wrong purposes.” Listen here: Pop Magick is available wherever books are sold!

Ghost Hunters Adventure Club theme song!

Check out the new theme song for The Ghost Hunters Adventure Club if you dare, it just might get stuck in your head all day!

Alex Kazemi in Forbes!

Alex, author of Permuted title Pop Magick, was interviewed by Roytel Montero of Forbes on how to bend one’s reality for fulfillment. Learn Alex’s secrets by reading the article here: And order a copy of Pop Magick, available wherever books are sold!

Craig Martelle’s Career Switch to Science-Fiction Author

Craig started out as a member of the Marine Corp. When he retired from that he decided to go to law school and had a successful career as a lawyer. Then, at age 52, he decided to pursue his dream of writing science-fiction action novels like his series with Permuted, End Times Alaska! Read his

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American Thinker posts glowing review for The Hunt

“If you’re like me, you’ll reach a point in reading┬áThe Hunt (somewhere around three quarters of the way through) where it might be wise to cancel your appointments and hold your calls and just go ahead and finish the book.” Read the full review here: And order a copy of the book here:

The Initiation Series by Chris Babu Book Trailer

The third book in Chris Babu’s Initiation series, The Insurrection, will be on sale next Tuesday the 18th! Preorder your copy now,