American Thinker posts glowing review for The Hunt

“If you’re like me, you’ll reach a point in reading The Hunt (somewhere around three quarters of the way through) where it might be wise to cancel your appointments and hold your calls and just go ahead and finish the book.” Read the full review here: And order a copy of the book here:

The Initiation Series by Chris Babu Book Trailer

The third book in Chris Babu’s Initiation series, The Insurrection, will be on sale next Tuesday the 18th! Preorder your copy now,

Pop Magick featured in Vancouver Courier

Alex Kazemi’s new book, Pop Magick: A Simple Guide to Bending Your Reality, is meant to be a self-help book inspired by occult teachings. One of Kazemi’s main goals is to free the younger generations from the snares of social media and mindset of instant gratification. Check out his full Vancouver Courier article here:

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Alex Kazemi and Pop Magick featured in Vancouver Sun

Alex describes his upcoming book with Permuted Press, Pop Magick, as “a coming-of-age, nonfiction memoir that teaches you how to do magic.” Alex hopes to introduce a younger generation to the occult and counter a lot of toxicity online these days. Read the entire article here: Pop Magick is available for pre-order now:

Japan’s Secret War named a “blockbuster” by the Asia Times

Robert Wilcox’s third edition of Japan’s Secret War has been updated and expanded with even more sources and information on Japan’s attempt to build an atomic bomb during WWII. This new edition is gaining just as many commendations as when it was first released! Japan’s Secret War is available now wherever books are sold!

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Tortured Cardboard Reviewed by Opinionated Gamers Blog

Reviewer, Dale Yu, says of the book, “the original content and the original approach to the content make for a pleasing product. The book was definitely an enjoyable read, and it is a book I would recommend for those interested in reading about boardgames.” If you know any board game lovers this would make the

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ABCs of Metallica featured in Decibel

Decibel magazine gives a glowing review of The ABCs of Metallica and shares an excerpt of the letter G! Shawn Macomber calls the book “..a clever and colorful journey through the history of both heavy metal and Metallica that will delight fans young and old…” Read the whole review here: The ABCs of Metallica

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Revolver gives a sneak peak inside The ABCs of Metallica

Check out this excerpt posted on to see what the letter “C” means to Metallica! Preorder you copy of The ABCs of Metallica on Amazon or B&

Phil Orbanes interview on the On Board Games Podcast

Phil sat down with fellow board game lover, Donald Dennis, to talk about Phil’s new book Tortured Cardboard and the history of their favorite board games. Listen to the full podcast here: Tortured Cardboard is available now wherever books are sold!

Julian Voloj mentioned by NY Post as one of the key features surrounding NY Comic Con

When Comic Con comes to NY, there are many more events than the ones officially put on by Comic Con. The New York Post highlighted a conversation between Julian Voloj, the editor of Permuted book “Clayton,” and several of the illustrators as a must-attend event surrounding NY Comic Con.   Read more about it here:

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