“Inflamed” Wins 2023 IRE Book Award!

The 2023 Investigative Reporters and Editors book award was given to Anne E. Belden and Paul Gullixson’s Inflamed: Abandonment, Heroism, and Outrage in Wine Country’s Deadliest Firestorm. Check out all the winners here.

New York Times: Joan Collins Refuses To Be Defined By Age

Joan Collins was recently interviewed by the New York Times about her life and career. She discusses these topics and more in her autobiography, Behind The Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends. Read the Times article here.

New York Post Looks At “The Deadly Path”

New York Post ran a Lifestyle article, Inside the deadly government guns program that made the US less safe on March 30th in which it extensively reviewed The Deadly Path: How Operation Fast & Furious and Bad Lawyers Armed Mexican Cartels by Peter J. Forcelli and Keelin MacGregor. Read the Post’s overview of the book

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National Review on “River City One”

In their recent feature, Lost on the Other Side of Service, National Review examined John J. Waters’s novel, River City One. Read their full review here.

Kazemi’s New Millennium Boyz Receives Scrutiny

Alex Kazemi’s novel, New Millennium Boyz, which features themes of sexuality, toxic masculinity and teenage rebellion, was the target of recent scrutiny. The book received a five out of five “aberrant content” rating by a website which purports to rank books it deems unsuitable for school and public libraries. Kazemi comments on the controversy in

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People.Com Announces “Married… with Children vs. The World”

Writer and Producer Richard Gurman announced his insider’s look at the 90’s sitcom, Married With Children in his new book, Married… with Children vs. The World: The Inside Story of the Shock-Com That Launched Fox and That Changed TV Comedy Forever. See People.Com’s coverage of the announcement here.

OC Register: At 90, Joan Collins is “Living in the Present”

Actress Joan Collins celebrated the release of her 19th book, Behind the Shoulder Pads: Tales I Tell My Friends, at a recent event in Los Angeles. She was interviewed about her book, and life, by the Orange County Register. Read their exclusive interview here.

Kirkus Calls It “Gritty, Candid, and Darkly Funny”

Morgan Lerette’s Guns, Girls, and Greed: I Was A Blackwater Mercenary in Iraq, was recently given a glowing review by Kirkus Reviews. Read it here in its entirety.  

“River City One” Written After An Encounter With…

The Daily Mail meets John Joseph Waters and talks about his debut novel, River City One. What inspired the novel? Why did he write it? Find out in the interview here.

‘Be willing to destroy yourself’ – Author John J. Waters

Blaze Media’s “Align” column says, “In River City One, (Author John J.) Waters tackles painful questions about war, personal identity, coming home, and the banality of the everyday, while steadfastly resisting the facile answers that characterize so much of today’s fiction.” Read their interview with John and their discussion of the book here.