Clayton Patterson Shares His Essential Downtown New York Creators

In an article for Barron’s, Permuted Press author Clayton Patterson shares his top NYC creators.

Clayton reviewed by Publishers Weekly

Julian Voloj’s upcoming graphic novel with Permuted, Clayton: Godfather of Lower East Side, recently received a great review from Publishers Weekly! Read the entire review here: Clayton is available for preorder now:

Healing Wounds highlighted by The American Legion

“More than the story of how a former nurse and American Legion member fought to get the memorial designed and installed on federal property, Healing Wounds is a vivid memoir… of the Vietnam War experience, its aftermath and reconciliation.” Read The American Legion’s full story on Diane and her book here: Healing Wounds is

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Pop Magick chosen by The Coffee Table Curator

Alex Kazemi’s Pop Magick was chosen by the Coffee Table Curator as one of the books you must add to your living room collection! “Pop Magick is a modern-day handbook that skills readers on how to break societal chains and bend reality in their favor by using natural forces.” Read the entire list here:

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FLAUNT Magazine feature on Alex Kazemi

“Luckily magick is a crash course in ego death.” Kazemi, author of Pop Magick, talks about his new book, the dangers of social media social media, his past, and what he plans on doing in the future in his FLAUNT magazine interview. Read the entire interview here: Alex’s book, Pop Magick, is available for

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Alex Kazemi on the Hippie Witch Podcast

Alex, author of Pop Magick, joins the Hippie Witch podcast to discuss magick for a new age. Listen to the entire episode here: Pop Magick is available for purchase now:

Robert Wilcox on the History Unplugged Podcast

Robert visited the History Unplugged Podcast to share some little-known facts about World War II and Japan’s race to develop an atomic bomb of their own. Listen to the episode here: Japan’s Secret War is available for purchase now!

Alex Kazemi on New Models Podcast

Alex Kazemi explores the question: “Can magick be a framework for today’s attention economy?” To learn more about magick and what it can unlock, check out Alex’s book Pop Magick! Listen to the podcast here: Pop Magick is available now wherever books are sold:

Bill Reed op-ed in San Diego Union-Tribune

Bill Reed, author of upcoming book Spies of the Deep and former US Navy submariner, wrote an article for The San Diego U-T about how coronavirus outbreaks on Navy ships could make finding toilet paper impossible! Read the entire article here: Spies of the Deep is available for pre-order now:

Pop Magick listed as a quarantine must-read

Alex Kazemi’s Pop Magick was featured on END. menswear’s website in Alex James’s list of what he is currently reading in quarantine! Take a look at the article here: Pop Magick is available now.