Author(s): Eric S. Brown

Features five diverse tales of the living dead from zombie fiction master Eric S. Brown!

SEASON OF ROT: Safe from the walking dead that rule the streets, a band of survivors holes up in a hospital. When their supplies run low, they must either migrate or trust a stranger who promises them salvation-except the stranger isn't who he seems to be, and neither are the dead.

THE QUEEN: To escape a plague that has turned most of mankind into ravenous cannibals, a crew of survivors takes refuge at sea. But supplies only last so long, and the crew must face their enemies on land in order to keep themselves alive and afloat.

THE WAVE: When a wave of mysterious energy from outer space washes over the earth, electronic devices fail worldwide and communications break down. Worse still, the energy alters human brain waves and turns billions of people into bloodthirsty animals. Only a small pocket of humanity is immune, but their only chance of survival may also be their grave.

DEAD WEST: The Civil War is over. The Confederacy is gone. But in the West, a new threat is rising. Accompanied by a regiment of inexperienced soldiers, a journalist ventures into the frontlines of a war against the walking dead, and the truth he finds there is far more frightening than any living corpse. 

RATS: Rats are everywhere and can get into anything. And now they are swarming mankind. Those bit rise again as undead pawns in the rodents' onslaught, and no place is safe-no place except one. The problem is getting there before the rats' next attack.

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Aliens... Angels... Demons... Zombies... Ancient Evils... Modern Horrors... These are MADMEN'S DREAMS. Eric S. Brown and D. Richard Pearce present a deranged collection of 34 horror and sci-fi tales so startling they could only come from the nightmares of the insane. Brown and Pearce take the reader into the darkest corners of the madhouse in these tales that run the gamut from classic horror and science fiction to intense action and psychological terror. "Madmen's Dreams" is a peak at the...