Eric S. Brown

Eric S. Brown is a zombie author living in North Carolina. He has been called “the king of zombies” by places like Dread Central, and was featured in the books Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead, Wanted Undead or Alive, and Halloween Nation: The Secrets of America’s Fright Night as an expert on the genre.

Some of his other books include Bigfoot War, Unabridged Unabashed and Undead: The Best of Eric S Brown, Barren Earth, Season of Rot, World War of the Dead, Zombies II: Inhuman, Season of Death, and The Human Experiment to name only a few. His short fiction has been published hundreds of times in the small press and beyond. Some of his anthology appearances include Dead Worlds I, II, III, and V, The Blackest Death I and II, The Undead I and II, Dead History, Dead Science, Zombology I and II, The Zombist, War of the Worlds: Frontlines, and many others.

He also writes an ongoing column on the world of comic books for Abandoned Towers magazine and a column about his own experiences as a writer for Morpheus Tales Magazine.

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