Zombie Democracy (Exit Zero Book 3)


It is the eve of the first U.S Presidential Election following the zombie apocalypse.

In Exit Zero, the first book of the Exit Zero Zombie trilogy, we witnessed the first 48 hours of the zombie apocalypse as it begins in New Jersey.

In the second book, Nuke Jersey, the Garden State is sealed off as a giant quarantine zone in an attempt to contain the Skell virus. The newly sworn in President chooses to lead the fractured country from Cape May. New threats and mutations emerge as the Skell virus grows strong, but is it Jersey Strong?

Zombie Democracy is the final book in the trilogy. The Skell virus has now spread nationwide, and the public has demanded an election be held between two rivals, the current President and his challenger, a smooth-tweeting cyber-terrorist. And who are the Virus Infected Non-Necrotic Individuals, or VINNI’s, and why are they both sought after and feared?

There has never been an election season as crazy as Zombie Democracy.