Winchester Undead: Winchester Quarry (Book 3) and Winchester Rue (Book 4)


The last remnants of civilization must fight to live another day.  Under attack and on the run, America’s last heroes must battle for the future, as the legions of the dead wage their final war against the living.
Injured, stranded, and alone, Cliff faces a fanatical religious order that isdominatingand destroyinga Colorado town. Thousands of miles away, Bexar Reed joins the ragtag former Special Forces teamthat rescued his family from the clutches of an outlaw motorcycle gang and leftJessie for dead.  
Bexar Reed and his family are caught between the ravenous mobs of the undead and the vicious humans who want to rule the wreckage of civilization with fear and blood. Who will live, who will dieand who will rise again?  This is an omnibus edition featuring Books Three and Four in the Winchester Undead series