Winchester: Storm (Winchester Undead Book 5)


The war with the undead has only begun. Now the last remnants of civilization must fight them—and the evil remnants of humanity itself—to live another day.

Marooned, Bexar and Chivo are trapped in a war between prepper clans in a Utah town.

Hundreds of miles away, Jessie, Sarah, and Erin fight to save a secret underground government facility—the only refuge they and hundreds of others have found—a facility on the verge of collapse.

Crossing the American southwest, a group of Marines are the last survivors of their command. Will they reach the facility in time?

Under attack and on the run, America’s last heroes fight for the future—as the legions of the dead wage their final war against the living.

“If you shook this book, gunpowder and testosterone would fall out.” —Chris Philbrook, Author of Adrian’s Undead Diary

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