The Withered


Do not fear the Withered Ones. Fear the ones still human.

This is an omnibus edition featuring the first three books in The Withered series: Wither, Resurrect and Affliction.


After an epidemic swept across the nation, the government foolishly rushed the creation of a vaccine—but what was meant to bring salvation instead brought damnation. Human mutations birthed a new species, but Avery Whitlock soon learned that the top threat against her survival was not the Withered Ones—but the ones still human.


After enduring a kidnapping, brutal gang attacks and the death of the man she loved, Avery Whitlock believed she could survive anything—until she discovered that she was being hunted. The Withered had mutated and she had reason to believe that evolution couldn’t be stopped—especially when it was genetically engineered.


No longer fully human, but unwilling to accept her fate as a flesh-eating zombie, Avery Whitlock abandoned the only place she could call home in order to save the man she loved from herself. Driven to prevent anyone else from suffering her fate, she stalked the doctor’s responsible for the mutations—but with each life she took, her cravings amplified and her grip on humanity slipped.