The Winterfox Journals Book One: Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter


A warrior is measured by the strength of his enemies, and the beast is a fearsome foe.

Among the Northern Cheyenne of the Great Plains lives a boy named Winterfox, whose family has fought monsters since the days of the Spanish conquistadors. In the aftermath of Westward Expansion, he has become the sole heir to their blood feud against the Beast.

Winterfox comes of age in the long shadows of the American frontier, a time when magic has not yet passed into myth. It is a place where the mundane and fantastic still walk side-by-side, and the warrior society of the Rédo’osnin Dog Men will be remembered a little while longer.

Hidden away for almost a hundred years, the story behind the legend can finally be revealed. Told from his own journals, this first installment in the life of Michael Winterfox follows the early years of a fierce youth from an outlawed culture; a youth who will ultimately become the venerable hermit and mentor in the original Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter trilogy.