The Vault of Sages


Primidia is a land steeped in ancient history and filled with exotic races. Within these lands is a powerful force known as the Aether.

Wizards, spellblades and other adepts spend their days studying the Aether at the Arcane Academy, also known as the Azure Towers. The Overmage Delsimar Pheric is the leader of the academy. His secret machinations use the schools resources to help him search for a lost reliquary of forbidden magics known as the Vault of Sages. Delsimar will stop at nothing to attain such ultimate power.

In this school of higher arcane learning, the student Jhona Kroenen stands out as an intellectual savant. Unwittingly set on a path by Delsimar to find the Vault of Sages, he is soon surrounded by secrets and plots made by many powerful and sometimes unseen enemies.

Will his power be enough to stop the Vault from being opened and save them from the darkness–before it devours them all?