The Tilian Cure (The Pandemic Sequence Book 3)


Seven years ago, the Tilian Virus swept across the globe. In its wake, billions fell horribly ill…but they did not die. Death would have been a blessing. Instead, friends and loved ones regressed to a primitive state of existence; consumed with one driving instinct—survival. But it was not just the virus’ victims who had changed.

The world’s few remaining survivors were forced to adapt as well. Teachers and students, farmers and politicians began their own struggle to survive in a world unmade. However, they quickly learned that the outbreak of the virus was only the beginning. Its lasting effects were even more merciless.

Now comes the survivors’ last stand. Some forces divide, while others band together. Enemies, human and Til alike, surrounded them from all sides. Can the weary summon their last vestiges of strength and hold against the approaching tide of death?

Or can a cure be found in time? If so, what form might it take? What scars might it leave?

For, as the old saying goes, the cure is often worse than the disease.