The Murder Mystery Race


While aboard a luxury cruise liner, sixteen adolescents compete in a lethal challenge to track down a murderer.

Eleven-year-old Andrew Mikaelson lives in Wayveryln, New Jersey with his caring mother, annoying kiss-up stepfather, and lazy, but fun step-uncle. But when a brutal serial killer, known as “The Knife Thrower,” begins killing residents, the town of Wayveryln is rocked. The Knife Thrower is cunning, quick, and can stab someone by throwing his knife—from any distance.

Andrew and fifteen other adolescents have been selected to participate in the annual Murder Mystery Race that can occur anywhere around the world. The competitors must go on a cruise that the Knife Thrower is on. The first person to capture the Knife Thrower receives the coveted award of one million dollars. Andrew makes friends and enemies, and alongside the other contestants, goes through many obstacles. For Andrew to identify the Knife Thrower, he must show ambition, resilience, and bravery.