The Lilitu Trilogy: The Lilitu, Primordial, The Cain Prophecy

By Toby Tate

CIA operative Gabrielle “Gabe” Lincoln has been tracking the beast once known as Lilith MacIntyre and her organization ever since she and her unborn child were taken into custody and held at a top secret facility. Gabe soon finds that most in the organization are Lilitu, a race of beings as old as time that may have once dominated the galaxy itself.

This is an omnibus edition of all three books in Toby Tate’s The Lilitu Series.

The Lilitu

CIA Operative Gabe Lincoln has to stop the Lilitu from advancing their agenda. If she does not succeed humanity may soon be facing not only the loss of its place as the planet’s dominant species, but its utter annihilation.


Gabe must investigate towering black obelisks that have appeared in five different locations around the world. She fears they may be far more sinister than anything the world has seen before. Humanity is about to be plunged into a living nightmare from which there is no escape.

The Cain Prophecy

Far out in the desert, a superhuman assassin known only as Cain is using blood money to finance the excavation of an artifact as old as the earth itself. CIA operative Gabrielle “Gabe” Lincoln has a very short time to learn the secret of Cain’s power—or soon the earth and everyone in it will be annihilated.