The King of Clayfield (Book 1)


“One of the best survivalist horror stories I’ve read in quite a while… This is a tale that is well worth reading.”
–Jeff Jellets, Territorial Disaster Coordinator for The Salvation Army

On a cold February day in the small town of Clayfield, Kentucky, an unsuspecting and unprepared museum director he finds himself in the middle of hell on Earth. A pandemic is spreading around the globe, and it’s turning most of the residents of Clayfield into murderous zombies. Having no safe haven to which he can flee, the director decides to stick it out near his hometown and wait for the government to send help.

But the disease and those infected are not his only concerns. He must also contend with armed gangs, strife within his group, his own lack of skills… and his conscience.

There are tough decisions to be made if he is to survive. But if he is smart–and a little lucky–he can do more than survive; he can live like a king