The Journal: Ash Fall (The Journal Book 2)


The first book of The Journal Trilogy, Cracked Earth, was a not-so-shocking success, and made the Best Sellers list in just six weeks.
Book Two, Ash Fall, continues the survival saga of Allexa Smeth and the town of Moose Creek.

While the rest of the nation has begun the slow process of recovering from the devastating earthquakes of months earlier, the small town of Moose Creek is still suffering.

The food bank and soup kitchen Allexa Smeth helped established to feed her community have closed, but the community rallies and finds ways to feed themselves, leaving Allexa the luxury of taking care of just her small family. Hope is on the horizon, but still out of reach.

Attacked by a vicious few who would take her family’s most precious resource, Allexa Smeth fights back with her very being to protect her own, but it’s only the beginning of what’s to come.

More earthquakes rock the nation and the perplexing sudden apathy of the town shocks Allexa into withdrawal when she realizes they are no longer heeding her warnings.

The lasting darkness they are plunged into doesn’t have anything to do with a light switch.