The Jolly Bartender’s Guide to Home Bartending


The guide to home bartending made easy—from building and stocking your bar to crafting recipes you and your guests will love.

If you’ve ever wanted to bring home the fun of going out for drinks, this is the book for you! No other bartender’s guide breaks down the steps to setting up and utilizing a home bar in such detail. From a complete list of spirits and mixers you should stock to restaurant industry insider tips on satisfying your guests’ drink requests, The Jolly Bartender’s Guide to Home Bartending will make your home bar the highlight of any occasion. In this book, you’ll learn how to:


  • Prepare for a great night with the must-have tools and glassware that make your bar service as easy and exciting as being served in a restaurant.
  • Customize your bar to your drink preferences. Cocktail recipes are grouped by flavor profile so that you can quickly find drinks you and your friends will love.
  • Learn to riff like a pro. Come up with recipes on the fly with tips on balancing flavors and swapping ingredients for infinite variations.
  • Make your own menu by filling out recipe cards with the names and ingredients of your favorite creations.


Nathan Wilkinson offers expert advice from his experience of making more than two thousand cocktail recipes for his online resource,