Knox Press

The Hunter Elite: Inside America’s Secret Force Against Terror


After the panic of 9/11, intelligence agencies, including state and local police and their nascent anti-terror divisions, realized they had failed the country and had to share all their precious info with the total intel community—something all their years of training had taught them never to do.

The great War on Terror was not intentionally begun by the United States or its NATO allies. It came looking for us. America is a country that is an open society, where men like the 9/11 perpetrators could visit on a student visa and conduct the diabolical, fevered schemes of Osama bin Laden and other monsters from hell.

Islamic extremists were angry that Western women are treated equally to men, can drive cars, and even show their faces in public. The existence of such a nation/state sneers at the barbarous conditions in the many Islamic states that torture and publicly behead citizens for giving voice to the societal rules that America and the West consider the norm.

The main sources of the book are code-named “Ranger” and “Laredo,” to save them from the antifas—or death warrants—the terrorists have attached to them.

Ranger joined the elite Army Rangers. Laredo steered her career in the direction she felt would make the most difference: she was an expert in chemical, biological, and radiologic warfare. Her army general father and other advisors told her they had plenty of warriors; they needed people who could identify and neutralize future weaponry—the kind of weapons third-world terrorists could afford with no concern regarding the hellish outcome.

Both jobs call for unique soldiers with special skills and fearless souls. The Hunter Elite is about the clash of civilizations on a global scale.