The Highway (The Reanimates Book 2)


The zombies are everywhere.
Cali Anglin and the other survivors have only one slim hope: sanctuary in Idaho, thousands of miles away. They must take to the Highway – Interstate 15, the only path to safety.
They have lost friends and family already, but they have learned hard lessons as well: how to fight the undead and survive; how to eke out an existence on the road. How to avoid and – if necessary – fight the human marauders just to survive.
Their trek across a devastated America is impossible. Vegas. Salt Lake. St. George. Horror stacked on horror, constantly pursued by the endless walking dead. And with each step, each sacrifice, each challenge, Cali and her people have to ask themselves…
How much would you be willing to pay for a chance to begin again?
In the terrifying tradition of George Romero’s Day of the Dead and Mira Grant’s Feed, J. Rudolph gives us a fresh and frightening look at the zombie apocalypse from the ground level, when ordinary people like you and me are forced to face extraordinary evil… and survive