The Grid (1995 Book 2)


D.A. MacQuin picks up where she left off in her science fiction novel, 1995. In this compelling paranormal tale, Caroline Hauser travels from New York City to her home state of Missouri after escaping the underground organization that tapped into her mind and held her captive for ten years. Meanwhile, the nefarious Dr. Sen has relocated to Wyoming where the organization is even stronger and more intent on kidnapping others like her who possess extra sensory perception.

Haunted by her lost years, Caroline desperately wants to find justice and move forward with her life as she makes sense of her captivity. But when Jim Naughton, her spiritual guide from the past, makes contact with her mind, she learns that she is unsafe and still sought after by Dr. Sen.

Caroline takes refuge with Jim and his new friend, the enigmatic Luc Redd—a powerful mystic who also happens to be a barbecue champion. The three of them retreat to Luc’s rural home in Southern Illinois where they augment their paranormal skills by tapping into a metaphysical grid they can access with their minds. Together they explore the mystery and power of the grid as they vow to stop Dr. Sen and his people.

The team gains an unexpected ally in the form of a teenaged rebel named Deborah Keap. Her remarkable metaphysical skills compel Sen to kidnap her from a mall near Boston. Deborah is a power to behold as she guides them with her mind to Sen’s location, leading to shocking results.

Nothing is ever the same after the media is made aware of the facility in Wyoming. The world is entering a new era of understanding paranormal powers, and mystics must grapple with moral ambiguity when it comes to the epic war of good and evil. Caroline makes a bold decision on how to fight evil after it’s revealed to her who she is, and more important, what she really is.