The End of the Road


When five college friends cross America in a minivan to find themselves, they chance upon a road that isn’t on any map. They can’t resist exploring it.

The van breaks down. They find a town, a massive trailer park steeped in squalor. The town isn’t on any map either. They find people in town. They’ll wish they hadn’t. The only sanctuary is the Big House–a giant mansion at the center of town that appears to be abandoned, only all the lights come on at night.

Inside the Big House is the secret of the town. Inside, they’ll finally find themselves. They won’t like what they find.

“Writers like, King, Lansdale and DiLouie invite us to view America through a glass smeared with dirt, blood and the mist of our own primal fear. With THE END OF THE ROAD … DiLouie gives us something entirely eerie.” – Paul Mannering, author of “Tankbread”

“Grotesque and disturbing. Leaves you feeling unsettled long after you’ve read the last page.” – Eloise J. Knapp, author of “The Undead Situation” and “The Undead Haze”