The Cain Prophecy (Lilitu Trilogy Book 3)


Evil is reborn.

Far out in the desert, a superhuman assassin known only as Cain is using blood money to finance the excavation of an artifact as old as the earth itself. CIA operative Gabrielle “Gabe” Lincoln has a very short time to learn the secret of Cain’s power–or soon the earth and everyone in it will be annihilated.

Gabe manages to coerce Gordon Powers, a rogue CIA operative, to help her in her quest. They are taken deep into a world of subterfuge, genetic engineering and military black operations, until Gabe and Gordon soon find themselves up against an evil force with power far greater than they had anticipated.

There is only one man who truly understands Cain, who can get into his mind and unlock its secrets. But first they must break him out of a high-security cell in the middle of the biggest city in Saudi Arabia. And even then, they may not be able to find Cain in time to stop him from ushering in the last days of civilization itself.