The Breadwinner Trilogy (Books 1, 2, and 3)


An omnibus edition of all the three books in Stevie Kopas’ The Breadwinner Trilogy.

In a matter of days the human race is reduced to nothing more than vicious, flesh hungry creatures.

Samson, a criminal defense attorney, struggles to keep his family safe and his sanity intact when the world comes apart at the seams.

Veronica, a high school track star, races to get her brother out of their doomed city.

Ben, a military veteran, comes to grips with the end of the world as he fights the undead. Andrew, a police officer, struggles to maintain some sort of humanity in a world overrun by death and destruction.

There is no good vs. evil, there is simply the living vs. the dead. The good guys don’t always win, because sometimes, the good guys have to be the bad guys in order to stay alive.

There are no heroes here. Just survivors.

This special edition features the previously published The Breadwinner, Haven and All Good Things, and includes the bonus companion story “Nefarious.”


“A cracking start to a dramatic trilogy – Stevie Kopas’ The Breadwinner is a gruesome, fast-paced story which ticks all the boxes whilst avoiding the usual zombie cliches. Kopas puts her realistic characters through hell!”

– David Moody – author of HATER, AUTUMN and STRANGERS

“With her new installment in The Breadwinner Trilogy, Haven, Stevie Kopas continues to hone her surgeon’s eye for detail and her sense of the heartbreak of everyday post-apocalyptic life. Rich with character and eerie with the kind of scares that get under your skin rather than nauseate you, Haven is a page turner of the first order.”

– Jay Bonansinga – New York Times bestselling author of ROBERT KIRKMAN’S THE WALKING DEAD: DESCENT