The Book of Annie: Humor, Heart, and Chutzpah from an Accidental Influencer


Wildly funny musings from an eighty-three-year-old TikTok sensation.

“Understated” and “tasteful” could never be applied to Annie, and that’s just fine with her. A colorful actress with a decades-long career in TV, film, and theater—including a recurring role on Seinfeld and a center-stage spot touring with The Moth—Annie offers her trademark unabashed takes on both everyday and typically taboo topics. Whether she’s sharing her thoughts on the miracle of childbirth (“It’s a miracle that anyone who’s been through it is willing to do it again”), religion (“William Shakespeare was not Jewish; no Jew could write a play called All’s Well That Ends Well”), motherhood, or any other topic, Annie will have you laughing out loud.

Underlying the humor are poignant observations that feel particularly relevant today: the importance of kindness and consideration, how we’re all more alike than different, and the freedom to be found in self-acceptance. You’ll put down this book feeling not just lighter but inspired by Annie’s wisdom and insight, gathered over eight decades.

Whether you’re seeking raw authenticity in an Insta-perfect world, advice from the grandmother you wish you had, or just a laugh to lighten the load of daily life, The Book of Annie is just the ticket.