Terror In Frankfurt: The Untold Truth About the Worst Terrorist Attack in U.S. Air Force History

By Master Sergeant Trevor D. Brewer, W. Craig Reed

Terror in Frankfurt is a page-turning and inspiring memoir of terror, courage, and redemption that deserves a front-row seat on any bookshelf.

Terror in Frankfurt is the untold true story about the most terrifying terrorist attack in U.S. Air Force history. This riveting true account follows Staff Sergeant Trevor Brewer through his school years, where he earned a black belt and later enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Assigned to a military police unit, Trevor traveled the world, protecting military bases from terrorist attacks. After completing intelligence training and receiving orders to serve in Afghanistan, Trevor and his team were transiting from London to Frankfurt. They never imagined being attacked long before they landed in a war zone. On March 2, 2011, Trevor and fourteen of his colleagues in the Air Force military police unit came under fire from a Muslim terrorist.

For his exemplary courage under fire, Trevor received one of Germany’s highest honors—the Cross of the Order of Merit. The U.S. Air Force also awarded him one of its highest honors—the coveted Airman’s Medal.

This historical true account is about heroes. Real heroes who fought the Taliban and sacrificed everything to serve with humility and honor.