Tankbread 3: Deadland


Centuries after the zombie apocalypse, a young hero travels to far off American to join the resistance in this sci-fi horror epic.

It’s been two hundred years since the age of Humankind ended in an apocalypse of blood and terror. Though zombies still roam the earth and the threat of extinction looms, humanity lives on thanks to the heroic deeds of the Lady.

In Australia, sixteen-year-old Gin is planning her wedding and awaiting the rumoured arrival of the living legend. But when her life is torn apart by tragedy, Gin must travel far from her village to the distant shores of old America, where intelligent zombies still rule.

Drawn into a centuries-old conspiracy, Gin’s odyssey will send her into a living hell of savagery and terror. If she survives, her world will be forever changed—and perhaps humanity will finally be saved.