Still Alive: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel


Light bends around the edges of a cloaked elliptical sphere as it glides down and attaches to a freeway overpass. It begins spraying a green mist that wafts down across all lanes of traffic. It’s the evening rush hour in Tokyo and there are millions of cars on the freeways so the green mist goes largely unnoticed.

A similar scene happens near Moscow, then again through several major cities across Asia and Europe including London, England. Following the setting sun to the west across the Atlantic Ocean, New York City comes into view and a similar transparent object comes down and attaches itself to a freeway overpass, contaminating cars in both directions with the same green mist.

Panning up from the freeway system every contaminated car is seen as a green dot on a larger map of the area. Continuing to move up and away from the Earth, a continual stream of green dots can be seen, which represent contaminated cars, moving in both directions, spreading away from the spray point. The city quickly saturates with lime green as cars seem to pour down all side streets and through every area of the city almost simultaneously.

Continuing to lift up and away, the less populated areas can be seen saturating with green as well. Not as quickly as the cities have, but still with amazing efficiency and almost total coverage. Continuing to zoom out, the shape of the East Coast of the United States comes into view as millions of little green dots, beginning in the major cities, spread across the entire Eastern Seaboard…

Ceres is a recently unemployed and recently single twenty-something. Already burned out on the pursuits of love and money she decides to move away from the city at just the right time. Burnout, she would learn, is the mother of intuition.

STILL ALIVE is a genre-crossing thrill ride which takes the reader from narrowly surviving a zombie outbreak to learning that the plague is just the pre-cursor to something even larger and much more sinister.

Just when solo running and gunning seems like the epitome of surviving a running-zombie infested world STILL ALIVE leads us to the cusp of hard science fiction, reinventing the zombie ‘virus’ while at the same time upgrading it to seeming plausibility.