ScareScapes Book Six: Into the Black!


The Earth Colony Asteroid Scorpio was launched into space in search of a new home for the human race. Nine-hundred years later than expected, only seven of the Scorpio’s passengers awaken, not one of them an adult. Now, rebuilt with cyber parts, these kids must rely on each other to survive the mysteries of the Scorpio and the dangers of deep space.

Having survived each horror placed before them, the all-kid crew of the Scorpio find them-selves confronted with one final test. With the help of a new crew member, the kids must gain control of the Scorpio’s navigation system before it’s too late. If they fail all on board will perish.

Knowing that they must free their parents from the perpetual hibernation of cryosleep, the kids descend into the depths of the Scorpio. Unstable AIs will not make it easy but the crew knows the fate of their parents and the thousands of sleeping passengers rest in their hands. Scorpio must be saved and nothing can stand in the way!