Primordial (Lilitu Trilogy Book 2)


Evil has evolved.

Archeologists at a temple dig site in Crete unearth an ancient, oblong box constructed of a strange metal and engraved with bizarre symbols. But the box is also emitting dangerous levels of radiation. The container is sent to a university to be studied under controlled conditions—but before it can arrive, the vehicle and its three occupants, including an American university student, are forced off the road in a violent crash. The artifact is taken and the student is kidnapped.

Whoever is behind the theft of the artifact and the abduction of the young American woman is after more than money or power. He belongs to a race of beings older than mankind—the Lilitu. Now time is running out and he must be stopped before a transdimensional gateway is opened that will plunge the earth into an underworld of eternal darkness and torment–where the Lilitu and their gods reign supreme.