Objects of Wrath (Wrath Book 1)


After the bombs rain down, the entire world is an open wound; it is in those bleeding years that William Fox becomes a man. William flees with his family to Magnolia, a farm in Tennessee, while America descends into madness, anarchy, and death. With the aid of elite Special Forces units, Magnolia emerges as beacon of hope and stability. But evil is hungry and relentless. A new threat stalks the Earth. To save his people, and perhaps all of humanity, William must be more than a lethal soldier; he must become a hero.

Objects of Wrath is the first book in a saga spanning four generations. In a depleted and peeled land savaged by The Fall, William struggles to keep the faith and light burning within him.

Sometimes, the only way to defeat darkness is to become it.

“For the few who do what it takes, the end of the world will be a new beginning … With OBJECTS OF WRATH, Sean Smith offers a fresh take in survivalist fiction.” Acclaimed author Craig DiLouie

“OBJECTS OF WRATH is disturbing. The end of the world shouldn’t be so plausible. Sean Smith’s new book squats in the heart twisting intersection of “Full Metal Jacket” and Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.” Author James Crawford