Little Birds


Michael is living in North Carolina in a trailer with his buddy, Jimmy Boy. He works at a sneaker store while working on his graduate degree while Jimmy drinks beer, struggles with his PTSD, and watches his relationship with his girlfriend Jessica run hot and cold.

A wave of spontaneous self combustion sweeps the globe. People start to explode, and if you’re unlucky enough to be standing near them you’re as good as dead as the human hand grenades detonate. Obviously this has an impact of people and their relationships, driving them apart out of fear.

Michael and Jimmy watch their world fall apart around them until they get tired of just watching. They decide a road trip is in order. They’ll head to Michael’s parents’ home in Philadelphia. They’re accompanied by Jessica, her friend Mandy who may or may not have a thing for Michael, and some graduate student friends of Michael.

Their trek north is fraught with peril as they encounter militias, maniacs, and people generally scared out of their wits. As those around them succumb to horrible fates, Michael and Jimmy fight to maintain their friendship because each man knows, in the end, all we have is each other.