Lie the Liar (The Five Flames Book 3)


Augustus Jones always dreamed of becoming a famous actor, but the closest he’s come is a ghost tour guide. His biggest claim to fame is that he once led the infamous Tessa Taylor on a tour.

His only joy in life is weaving stories of ghosts, wonder, and fantasy for the tourists who seem to cherish his every word. But when he’s forced to enter the house that allegedly haunted Tessa, everything changes.

Stories told in jest suddenly become real. Treasures previously lost manifest themselves before his eyes. Everything Augustus ever wanted is at his fingertips—but it’s being granted by a dark force that threatens to take over his soul.

Now Augustus must make a choice. Refuse the demon entry to his every desire and never know what good fortunes await—or accept the darkness into his heart and his soul into the hands of evil.

The life Augustus has always dreamed of is just one lie away—all he has to do is say it.