Keep Your Crowbar Handy (Book 1)


Jake O’Connor has problems.

His time spent overseas with Britain’s SAS Regiment still gives him nightmares, his social life is in the toilet, and his best friend is an unrepentant adrenaline junkie.
Unfortunately, just as things finally seem to go his way, decomposing corpses of the recently dead begin rising to gnaw on the living. Soon the streets are glutted with mindless creatures hungering for only one thing: human flesh. Jake’s unlikely group of friends needs to make tracks for some kind of refuge before they end up as Hors d’oeuvres, but how to do that without being turned into drooling maggot-heads themselves?

Now, a burned out combat journalist, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, a health food store owner, and a ditzy pharmacy tech, have to hold their own against legions of walking corpses. At first glance, none of them are likely candidates to survive for long in The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.
But hey, stranger things have happened.

Psychopaths, escaped criminals, and para-military white supremacists all stand in their way, not to mention the ever-increasing, zombie hordes. If Jake doesn’t want to become one of the shambling dead he’ll need to keep his whits about him, and his crowbar handy.

KEEP YOUR CROWBAR HANDY drops the reader headlong into a frightening (yet sometimes comedic) zombie apocalypse, literally with a bang. S.P. Durnin captures the craziness of it all by focusing on an unlikely group of potential survivors as they attempt to work together dispite some rather odd personality quirks, not drive each other crazy, and try to stay alive in a world now overrun by the hungry dead. The author combines tongue-in-cheek humor with a healthy dose of gore-soaked apocalyptic adventure, and proves that love doesn’t always conquer all. Sometimes, you gotta use a crowbar…

“…There’s a reason the characters, and the reader, will want to keep that crowbar handy…!” -Tony Monchinski, author of I KILL MONSTERS and the critically acclaimed EDEN novels.