Karl’s Last Flight


Karl Alexander’s day started with taking the most obnoxious Hollywood star on a low-orbit space tour.

By lunchtime, he inadvertently triggered a world war.

Then things got really bad.

Karl, a former USMC Harrier pilot, NASA astronaut, and Space Tourism pilot had always been an adrenaline junky, but he quickly finds himself in over his head. He’s swept up in an insane secret operation—the work of American CIA and British MI-6 agents—being helped by a family of resistance fighters and led by an Iranian-born deep-cover agent that he doesn’t begin to trust. Soon he’s trapped in an all-out chase to stop a squad of kamikazes armed with nukes who are rushing to drop their deadly payload onto U.S. troops and Israeli citizens.

Throughout the harrowing adventure, Karl is haunted by the memory of his first combat mission as a Marine Harrier pilot.
Somehow, he knows what he learned twenty years ago just might save the world today.

Another action-packed hit from Basil Sands, author of 65 Below and Ice Hammer. An all-out race to save the world that doesn’t let up for an instant!