To the outside world, author Jacob Matheson appears to have it made.

With numerous bestsellers under his belt, a lavish house, and a sizable bank account, he lives a lifestyle that most could only dream about. Yet despite outwardly appearances, Jacob is a troubled soul whose only glimmer of happiness sits at the bottom of a glass.

Then, after a night of lavish celebration, Jacob wakes up to discover that he can’t remember the events from the night before. Soon his seemingly perfect life starts to unravel as fast as his fragile sanity.

Haunted and tormented nightly by two ghostly and demonic entities, the lines between reality and fantasy blur. Surrounded by people who don’t believe his claims, Jacob remains determined to get to the bottom of what is happening.

But as the psychological anguish and physical attacks become more and more horrific and gruesome, can he still trust himself when he starts to question his own sanity?