It’s Only Temporary: A Tale of the End of the World)


The world will end in just 10 hours.

After Sean graduates from college, he is ready to begin his life. Silly him for assuming he will have one. Word gets out that humanity is doomed: a giant meteorite has been headed toward the Earth for decades, and the government is ill-equipped to stop it. On the final day of human life, Sean must decide who to spend his precious time with. When he opts to hit the road and reunite with a lost love, he encounters a mad society that is rapidly shredding the trappings of civilization.

“An apocalyptic masterpiece: harrowing, hilarious, disturbing, heartfelt, and suspenseful. Not to be missed!”
–James Rollins, best-selling author of BLOOD LINE

“IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY reads like a road movie travelling toward Armageddon, and its powerful, stylish writing and raw emotion will stay with you for a long, long time.”
–Tim Lebbon, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE THIEF OF BROKEN TOYS

“Relentless. Shapiro delivers a compelling narrative.”
–Jack McDevitt, Darrell Award-winning author of FIREBIRD