Insider Secrets to Hit Songwriting in the Digital Age


  The only insider’s guide to hit songwriting in the Digital Age—from an Emmy-nominated songwriter who has mentored two generations of Grammy Award winners and nominees.

  “Molly has written an excellent primer on the world of songwriting. It’s a great resource for folks trying to navigate the ‘how tos’ of the songwriting business.” —Tim Wipperman, President, Anthem Music Publishing

Whether you’re a lyricist, songwriter,or band, this powerfuland inspiringbook covers the essentials of contemporary craft—guiding you from good to great, then taking you through marketing, promotion, finding the right publisher, placing your song with an artist, getting signed, and providing the foundation for a successful writing career.

This indispensable guide features exclusive and highly informative interviews with insiders across multiple genres, including Tim Wipperman, “the publisher’s publisher” in Nashville, Grammy-nominee J.P. Saxe (“If the World Was Ending”) and Grammy-winner Debbie Hupp (“You Decorated My Life”), R&B mega-producers/writers for Rihanna, Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers, Grammy-winner and composer of instrumental music Art Munson, jingle writer Jim Andron, and Grammy-and Emmy-winning children’s songwriters Michael Silversher and Patty Silversher