I Kill Monsters: The Revenants (Book 2)


I Kill Monsters: The Revenants Picks up where the first novel left off. Boone is being nursed back to health and trained by Rainford and the dark Lord’s vampires. Olga Coyle finds the mutilated body of her dead son, Bowie, who used to run with Boone and Frank. Invoking the dark arts, Olga brings her son back to “life” as a shambling zombie-like being.

As soon as his health allows, Boone tracks down the vampire that sold his crew out to Rainford and destroys the vampire’s nest in a bloody display of brutality.

Rainford sends Boone and a group of other homicidal maniacs on a mission to eastern Europe to assassinate Kreshnik’s mother. Meanwhile, at home, Olga Coyle and her reanimated son wreak havoc on those they feel have done them wrong. And an imprisoned Mafia don finds himself at the center of the terror in prison.