I Kill Monsters: Bad Men (Book 3)


Monster hunter Boone is left for dead in Amsterdam. Litivia, Rainford’s estranged vampire wife and his brother Victor lead an army of Nazi zombies, eastern European mercenaries, and vampire ninjas. Olga Coyle, with her reanimated son Eddie at her side, marshals her black magic in service of an unquenchable fury knowing no bounds. Busta Nutz rapper-cum werewolf haunts the projects and the gangbangers who live there. A mob war involving former friends Johnny Spasso and Cassidy spills into the streets of the Big Apple. Kane, the man known as The Wraith of God, works the sidelines. The three men comprising The Monster Squad hunt down the supernatural beasts encroaching on their city. And the police detective nicknamed “True Gritz” stumbles ever closer to solving the mystery of the Mephisto serial killer murders that have been plaguing the area.

It all culminates in an epic battle at the Dark Lord Rainford’s brownstone in Manhattan. As rents in the space-time fabric let loose creatures from the other side, the apocalypse is unleashed on the world.

Cue Boone—it’s time to open a giant-sized can of whoop-ass!