Those who have lights have power.

That’s the truth the city-state of Grid 76 has come to know. For years, 76 has been the safest and most decadent bastion of the rebuilt grid fortresses, a far cry from the violence beyond its walls. The Grid is a monument to the tenacity of its citizens, the brutality of urban enforcers, and the engineering brilliance of a man named Peter Fletcher.

But 76 is changed when Fletcher puts compassion over protocol, and shelters two outsiders – a woman named Roux and her sister, Sarah. Seemingly innocent at first, Roux’s secrets emerge when hacked military drones and Kevlar-bundled guerrillas appear in pursuit. In the aftermath of the first attack, the enforcers brand her a traitor. But for Fletcher, she’s a second chance at protecting the family he once failed.

Loyalties fracture as defense becomes desperation. With an assault from the outside and mutiny inside, Fletcher must draw battle lines on both sides of the walls.

In the growing darkness of winter, a new truth emerges:

Even the brightest lights eventually burn out.