Gnash (Washington, Dead City Book 1)


An ancient fundamentalist organization known as the Brotherhood of Niyyat executes several attacks simultaneously across the globe. Sleeper cells are awakened in North America, Europe and Asia. One of the cells infiltrates the Pentagon and unleashes a deadly viral compound. The airborne virus mutates in the lungs of the Pentagon’s population of twenty-five thousand, turning them into zombies and forcing the military to quarantine one of their most recognizable icons.

Across the country, a Secret Service agent, coerced by the terrorists to assassinate several heads of state at the annual G8 Summit, sends the world into chaos.

Grayson Donnelly, a former Army officer, is forced to fight for his life in the Midwest while his fiancé Emory is trapped in the Washington, DC quarantine zone.

Grayson and his fiancée Emory must each fight for their own survival as the nation battles to end the zombie threat before it becomes a global pandemic.