Faithful Warrior


God forgives when we ask sincerely. Men, not so much. Self, even less. And the Dead….never

Pastor Mike loves his family, and loves his flock. Life is good, but to get there he had to traverse a trail of blood. The faces that haunt his nightmares are no longer just specters, and a long thought dead enemy is about to unleash a very real hell.

“Basil knows how to write action.” James Scott Bell, Best Selling Author and Lecturer

“Sands is fearless in his storytelling, and tireless in his quest to connect directly with his audience. Big Publishing? Watch out for this guy.” – Scott Sigler, NYT Bestselling Author of Infected, Contagious and Ancestor

“Basil Sands has a knack for blending action and intrigue in an all-too realistic setting. I just hope there are heroes like Basil’s heroes fighting on our side.” – Evo Terra, Founder of

“Basil Sands is one awesome writer, penning stories pumped with enough adrenaline that you’ll suffer from insomnia until you read the last word. This is one writer not to be missed.” – Jeremy Robinson, author of PULSE and INSTINCT